People stop thinking and the ship starts sinking…

Miss Understanding

About two weeks ago there were the elections of Miss Lebanon, there are basically nothing wrong about the contestants except their combined IQ level (please note that this comment is not to be taken in a condescending fashion). But I am not here to criticize the contestants because I find something funny about the pageant itself.

A team of public figures is vigorously scouted with the only parameter that they have nothing to do with beauty. However their only appeal is the number of viewers each can manage to bring along with them or the amount of endorsements they can provide. These people represent most of the jury; there are two more beauty experts yet to be named. There always is a plastic surgeon, I only figure he is on the jury board to be thanked for the work he has done on most of the contestants. Let’s face it we live in a country where the body of the average woman contains more silicon than flesh. Finally the last jury member is…- brace yourselves this might come as a shock- Georgina Rizk; the pride of Lebanon, the evergreen flower, the lady my parents used to talk to me about the moment I was born, the dream of every girl. Believe it or not I wanted to be like her as a kid, then I discovered a little something between my legs which disappointed me, and this little something is still disappointing me.

Let us skip the pageant till the end, to the exact moment when the results are announced and there are two remaining contenders. “And the new Miss Lebanon is…” a bunch of fake smiles are in order and some hugs as well where the first runner up tries to suffocate the newly elected Miss. And the moment they go backstage rumors of a bribe are rapidly spread like a fire in August. And not to forget that the smile of the Miss is sponsored by Crest (the number one toothpaste in the world)

P.S. I would really like to know the name of the number two toothpaste in the world.

I have never understood pageants, I find them totally useless.  It is just another way for anyone to show off and be on the public scene. I am criticizing the pageants as a whole and not only the ones held in Lebanon as many as they may be: La sirene de jounieh, Miss Lebanon, Miss Lebanon emigrant, Miss 7ay el sellom, … and there is the worldwide pageants which are the ultimate dream of every girl: Miss universe, Miss world, … And that leaves us with one ultimate question: why is the winner of Miss Universe always from Earth?

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