People stop thinking and the ship starts sinking…

Bomb or Change

Sometimes I find it hard to take a serious tone and forget the sarcasm and irony which I use so very often in my writings. But as a citizen of Ashrafieh, and more precisely Sassine square, I find myself violated on the threshold of my home and in no mood to kid. What was before a merry city full of life now reeks of blood and death and its streets are buried in broken glass like the snowy roads of Stockholm in a cold winter.

We are unconsciously circling back to this horror movie that was in place a few years ago, to this public morgue known as the streets of Lebanon. I was in my university when the explosion took place, and when it was confirmed that it was in fact a terrorist attack and not an accident that happened in a gas station, like a few years ago. At that very moment, my friends who belong to both parties, 8 and 14 started wishing that the target was a leader of the opposite political side. I am astonished by the level of hatred growing between us, and on those streets yesterday, all we heard was people screaming and all we saw was people pointing fingers. Instead of uniting once and for all and trying to get out of this well, we fell in back in 1975. All we do is recruit more people with shovels instead of common sense to help us dig what will become a mass grave.

We are people who only scream when we are walking behind a casket, and as this coffin is buried into the ground our voices disappear along with it. As I opened my Facebook account on the 19th, my homepage was flooded by statuses of hatred, compassion, and some of them by pity. And a week later, it is back to our everyday lives, where our biggest problem is what will I have for lunch today or why hasn’t my girlfriend replied to my whatsapp message.

We forget about the truth, we refuse to see the big picture; that has helped us move on and leave the terrible past behind but that will not help us progress, not as long as we are dragged by the same politicians who put us in this mess. And even if those politicians are dead, their kids will be sure to pass the same message. We are the only country in the world where the electoral programs of the different politicians aren’t some projects to help Lebanon evolve, but are only a series of campaign ads to show how bad the other party is. How are we supposed to grow when we are trapped in a small mold?

And since things aren’t over till the fat lady sings, there were a sequel to this tragic turn of events which took place on Friday night. The evening doesn’t end unless a few idiots pumped up with adrenaline and anger and armed with gasoline and a few tires block the roads to protest what has happened. What good does it do to pollute the air and cause traffic? I wonder.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims and wounded.

Comments on: "Bomb or Change" (2)

  1. Awsome sinkin as always.

  2. Lucifer (: said:

    Words of wisdom.

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