People stop thinking and the ship starts sinking…

First of all, I would like to apologize on behalf of Karim and myself for such a delay and a blackout of your weekly dose of sarcasm and irony. For reasons unknown to us we stopped writing and were lacking some creativity and time. If you forgive us which I’m sure you will, you can have our word that we will be better than ever.

A lot happened during our little leave of absence which was worth mentioning, the most important being the return of our good old friend Myriam Klink to the performance scene and the start of her: Klink “revolution”.  But I have some terrible news to report, earlier this week she announced that she will not be running for parliament in 2013. This truly is a huge disappointment for her fan base; all five of them are weeping right now, and the fifth is whining even more because he does not have a corner to cry in.

Let us fast forward to today where the most talk about subject is the weather. I might add that I am quite relieved that all Lebanese are united on the only non-political subject that is left (till now).  It is true that a storm this powerful is very rare in the Middle East region and it has started quite a fuss as well as it has triggered the sense of humor of the Lebanese society. Some jokes such as “Michael Phelps was training in Hamra Street for the upcoming world championship”, “Near the Beirut Forum, a motor boat crashed with a car” or my favorite “deliveries are now made on a boatorcycle” have turned cliché overnight.

Lebanese are known to put humor to any sad situation, whether it is a bomb or our lack of electricity, but on a more serious note I find it sad that we have to move around in a dingy instead of our cars, and I am ashamed to say that most our streets turn to rivers with a few drops of water. And the rain is only adding insult to injury to the already existing roads between the holes. Other dangers of this rain is the rock avalanches which occur on non secured roads, for instance while I was going to university on Monday I found the sphinx’s fallen nose blocking half the way as well as some trees between which I had to slalom to get to my destination.

I will spare you my nagging about the traffic jams since they are a recurring subject with every few drops of water or with the presence of a traffic cop. In conclusion, if you are leaving the house, better put a one piece swimming suit since it is a little chilly outside.


Comments on: "A Boat On The Street Is Just Routine" (1)

  1. Alfred Chelala said:

    Great article, but i still don`t forgive you.

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