People stop thinking and the ship starts sinking…

About Us

The Thinking Ship is the fruit of the collaboration of two students Karim and Nicolas. Armed with our knowledge and slow Internet connection, we shall sail across the Narrow Sea to bring you back the freshest ideas.

Karim Frenn
Studying Computer and Communications Engineering at the American University of Beirut. Loves technology, social media and movies.

Nicolas Jbeyli
Studying Electro-Mechanical Engineering at Saint Joseph University. Loves sports, music and studying human behavior.

We hope that the Thinking Ship will not be a sinking shit.


Comments on: "About Us" (4)

  1. Lucifer (: said:

    Félicitations pour votre blog petits monstres^^
    Il est génial, j’aime encore plus le Liban grace a vous…je ne vous dirai jamais assez merci -.-
    Bonne continuation et on fêtera ca a mon retour dans votre Liban adoré (:

  2. Samwise G. said:

    yeaaaaa, great blog!! great posts, wish you all the best !
    sincerely from the shire,
    S.G. (aka N.L)

  3. Alfred Chelala said:

    finally got here 🙂 I have some catching up to do !

  4. mohammed said:

    i just found this page, looks interesting.. keep it up guys and good luck!

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