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My Review of Slash’s Show

Note: Before you start reading my review of Slash’s show, I think it would be fair if I told you a bit about the musical stuff I usually listen to and love. I am a symphonic metal fan (it has nothing to do with heavy metal for those who are afraid of the word ‘metal’). My favorite bands are Nightwish, Leaves’ Eyes, Delain, Within Temptation and many similar bands and I seldom listen to other genres of music. So where is Slash in all this story and what did I think of Slash’s show? Read on 🙂

Let me first start by saying that I practically never heard of Slash. I knew this name was the name of a guitarist because he can be found as a character in a video game I love, Guitar Hero. Besides that, I knew nothing else concerning Slash, but I had many friends who were going and so I began asking myself ‘who is Slash?’. The only answer I got is “he is the guitarist of Guns’N’Roses and probably the best guitarist in the world”. However, this was not enough for me to go to the show since, as I mentioned above, I rarely listen to something else than symphonic metal. Then I got free tickets, took a friend with me and yalla I was going to Slash’s concert.

What did I think of the show? I loved it. It was great, absolutely great. I didn’t know a single song from Slash and the band that accompanied him, except the two songs by Guns’N’Roses (“Sweet Child O’ Mine” and “Paradise City”). Myles Kennedy, the singer of the band, also known as Myles ‘F***ing’ Kennedy (as Slash called him) kept the crowd very excited all along the show and talked often and thanks god didn’t say the super cliché sentence every artist in Lebanon says “I love Beirut, best city in the world” — of course, he said nice things but never this recurring particular one. We also got everything we expected and more: great vocals and mind-blowing guitar solos. Also, another great thing about the show, especially compared to other shows, was that the show lasted two hours approximately which is amazing, and every second of these two hours, there were hundreds of people jumping in the standing zone (and the seated zone!).

I also wanted to say something many of my friends wanted me to admit: Yes, I admit Slash is the best guitarist in the world.

Oh and one more thing. I noticed that every single show I’ve ever seen at Byblos Festival was great: Slash, Moby, Keane, Gorillaz, Grease, Gonzales … So thank you Byblos Festival for this show (and for the tickets :-D) !