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How Many Fake Followers Do You Have?

Did you ever wonder how one of your friends or any celebrity got so many followers suddenly? There might be many reasons, some very legit but some much less. Lately, buying Twitter followers became extremely easy and cheap; one can buy 5,000 followers for $50. You might ask why some people even think about it. Well, almost everyone likes to be liked, and having many followers means you are either famous or very interesting – it means that you are liked. In other words, some people are ready to pay only to convince themselves they are liked. Isn’t it ironic?

Well, now you can bust these friends! A new online tool claims that it can find out the percentage of fake, inactive and real followers. It doesn’t claim to be 100% accurate, but StatusPeople, the company behind this website is constantly working on making this tool much better.

We now, depending on the size of your follower base, grab up to 100,000 follower records and assess 1,000 of them across that base. This increases the accuracy of our App significantly. In fact it means that now 97% of the Twitter accounts checked will return an accurate set of scores.

–  Rob Waller, founder of Status People
August 22, 2012

Try this tool now and tell us what results you got! 🙂

PS: Keep in mind that your poll submission is anonymous of course.