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Apple’s Oct. 23 Event: Everything You Need To Know

In today’s event, Apple is set to unveil the iPad Mini and many other interesting numbers or pieces of information, and here they are, sorted in chronological order of announcement:

  • 5 millions iPhone 5’s sold in the first weekend.
  • 3 millions iPod’s sold.
  • 200 millions devices already upgraded to iOS 6.
  • 125 millions Documents online on iCloud.
  • 300 billions messages sent via iMessage.
  • 160 millions Game Center accounts.
  • 70 millions photos shared via the Shared Photo Stream function in iOS 6.
  • 700,000 iOS apps and 275,000 iPad-specific ones.
  • 35 billion apps downloaded.
  • $6.5 billion paid out to developers.
  • 1.5 million books available on the iBookStore, and 400 million downloads to date.
  • New version of the iBooks app available today.
  • MacBooks are #1 notebooks and iMacs #1 desktops in the US.
  • A new product: the MacBook Pro 13” with Retina Display (2,560 x 1,600 resolution!)
    Other specs: 1.9-cm thick, weighing 1.6 kg, with MagSafe 2, dual Thunderbolts, SD card, HDMI output and dual USB 3.0. Also no optical drive as in the 15” version.
    Up to 768GB of flash, 8GB of RAM, Core i5 or i7 Ivy Bridge chips, 802.11n WiFi and Bluetooth 4. HD 4000 graphics.
    7 hours battery.
    Prices start at $1,699 and it ships today!
  • Mac Mini Upgrade: The Mac Mini now includes four USB 3.0 ports, SD card reader, HDMI, Core i5 or i7 ivy Bridge chips, up to 16GB of RAM, up to 1TB HDD or 256GB of SSD.
  • New generation of iMac: edge-to-edge class, noticeably thinner (5mm at the edges, more at the center), no optical drive, Core i5 or i7 processors, NVIDIA Kepler graphics, up to 768GB of flash or 3TB HDD, and 32GB of RAM.
  • 100 millions iPad’s sold to date.
  • iPad users consuming 91% of the web traffic among all tablets.
  • New version of the iBooks Author with new fonts and new templates, available today.
  • 94% of the Fortune 500 companies use iPads.
  • A new product: 4th generation iPad. Only 8 months after the new iPad comes a ‘newer’ iPad with an A6X processor (double the CPU and graphics performance compared to the previous iPad), Lightning connector and a better front camera. Same price, starting at $499.
  • A new product: the iPad Mini ! Click here to learn more about the iPad Mini!

iPad Mini: Everything You Need To Know

Today, Apple revealed a new device: the iPad mini, a smaller version of the most successful tablet ever, the iPad, and here is everything you need to know:

1. Screen Size and Resolution:

The iPad mini will have a screen of 7.9 inches to directly compete with the other tablets in its category: the Nexus 7, the Kindle Fire HD and the Nook Tablet. Same resolution as the iPad 2: 1,024 x 768.

2. Dimensions:

The iPad mini is 7.2 mm thick, and weighs 308 grams only!

3. CPU and Camera:

The iPad mini has the same CPU as the iPad 2: the dual-core Apple A5 chip. It also has FaceTime HD camera and 5-megapixel iSight camera on the back with 1080p recording.

4. Battery Life:

The battery life of the iPad mini is the same as its bigger brother: still 10 hours!

5. Price and Release Date:

The iPad mini is a bit more expensive than its competitors, starting at $329 for 16GB and it ships on November 2nd.

And that’s it ! Nothing really surprising after all!

iPhone 5 : Everything You Need To Know

Today, Apple revealed the new iPhone, the iPhone 5, and here is all what you need to know about it:

1. Larger Size and Higher Resolution:

Finally, Apple decided to increase the screen size of the iPhone to 4″, probably to compete with much larger Android phones. As you can see below, this means a new row is added to the screen! There is enough place to fit 24 apps on one screen instead of 20 as before. The resolution of the screen also has been increased: 1136 x 640. Same width, but taller than the older iPhones.

2. LTE:

The iPhone 5 supports LTE, sometimes called 4G. Although Americans and Europeans will be very happy about that, it is clearly not something we, Lebanese, should care about for now.

3. Thinner and Lighter:

Thinner than the iPhone 4S  (9.3 mm thin) and the 3rd-generation iPad (9.4 mm thin), the iPhone 5 is 7.6 mm thin. It is also the lightest iPhone, weighing 112 grams only!

4. Faster:

Apparently 2 times faster than its predecessor, the iPhone 5 has an A6 CPU chip.

5. Battery Life:

The iPhone 5’s battery “not only matches but exceeds”  the iPhone 4S’s battery life. I don’t remember the iPhone 4S’s battery life to be particularly good…

6. Camera:

The iPhone 5’s camera is as good as the iPhone 4S with some very cool additions: a built-in panorama option and 40% faster image capture. The iPhone 4S’s image capture was already very fast, so I can’t imagine how fast the iPhone 5’s image capture is!

7. New iPhone Connector:

The iPhone 5 has a 80% smaller dock connector compared to all the iPhone/iPod connectors you already know. It also has a new name: Lightning!

8. Price and Release Date:

Once again, the iPhone 5’s price is the same as its predecessor. Available in Black and White. $199 for 16GB. $299 for 32GB, $399 for 64GB. Of course, these are the prices with contract in the USA. Pre-orders start on Friday the 14th. Shipping on September 21st in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

iOS 6 will also be available for the iPhone 4, 4S, 3GS, iPad 2 and the new iPad on September 19th.

9. New earphones : EarPods

Apple also announced new earphones, called EarPods. Included with the iPhone 5.


10. Sim Card:

The new iPhone 5 uses Nano-Sim cards, smaller than the Micro-Sim cards, and is not compatible with them. So time to cut or change the Sim cards once again.

And that’s it. No wireless charging. No NFC. What do you think of the iPhone 5 ?