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Blend of trends : traffic and shit

What impresses me most about us, Lebanese people is our ability to adapt and cope with all of the events happening around us. In the U.S., people are bound by strict rules and regulations in order to insure and to preserve the rights and freedom of every citizen and yet their crime rates are through the roof. However in Lebanon, despite the lack of authority we somehow manage to live as a community.

It reminds me a bit of a savanna; the lion (the government) is the king and rules all, despite the fact he didn’t do shit to earn this title and all the other animals can do just fine without him. And we, the common Lebanese people are the other animals, a bunch of untamed animals living in “HARMony”. We can truly talk about the survival of the fittest.

The first example which comes to my mind when I say that we can adapt to anything is: giving directions. Despite the existence of the GPS it remains unused in our beloved country and people have a very unique way of giving directions. For instance I do not say that I live in: Ashrafieh, Rue Du Liban, Najat building, because even if I say this to my sister she won’t know where it is. The way we do it in Lebanon is simple: “wa2ta toussal 3al rond point 5od el mafra2 3al yamin 7ad el chajra el kbire (note: there will be 12 trees there) dallak mkammal de8re la 7ad ma toussal 3a dekkeneh, honik bte5od el chmeil w bet fout bel mafra2 7ad telit joura, bineyit shamatly aw el bineye yalle 3ayich fiya el colonel saadeh, kellon bya3rfou.”

When the elections are near, and the government wants to prove that it exists and tries to restrain us and make us follow some rules, they deploy some police officers on the streets to ATTEMPT and control traffic. They will be deployed on intersections telling us to stop when the light is green and to go when the light is red, leaving us in a state of total confusion. They will be deployed on highways telling us to go forward considering the fact that there are no exits whatsoever making the job of the police officer a true brain teaser. At this point in time, we get the chance to use the sentence that every Lebanese will say in his life: “AAAHHH fi bolice !!! michen heik fi 3aj2a !!”

P.S: Even without any cops there will be traffic jams because the streets are fucked up.

But the lack of rules has gone too far and it made way for some “rebellions” to occur. Such as: burning tires, which is the newest trend that is taking place in the Lebanese streets and it is the people’s (in this case I refer to my previous comparison of animals) way to stick it to the government. This habit is discussed in a previous post on this very blog