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The real deal of Myriam Klink

Lately there has been a media frenzy about a certain “singer” called Myriam Klink. I am not here to talk about her war with standup comic Nemr Abou Nassar, nor to criticize her sad excuse for a song (I am sorry, this insult slipped out and I couldn’t help myself). What I am here to do, is to tell you a few facts about this young Lebanese gem, and probably some stuff you didn’t even know about her.

That being said, I googled her and her official site is what came up on top: the falling stars reminded me at first of the game Space Invaders, so did the numerous words channeling on the left hand side. The sheer beauty of this site is that it rests your eyes and doesn’t make you tense, AT ALL! Based on the saying “one should not judge a book by its cover” I started reading her bio.
“Myriam Klink is a Lebanese girl from the mountains raised between animals and natures”… I am no English teacher nor am I an accomplished writer, but I really think someone should let her know that Google translate is NOT a good way to go for writing a bio therefore she cannot be taken seriously.

If you have a look at the column on your right hand side; the “all about Myriam“ section, you will notice that this is a really down to earth person and she does not like to talk about herself that much; everyone of us’ favorite person in our life is ourselves, that is just common, Our parents, our great role models who are they to be an inspiration to us? As I scrolled down, more narcissistic comments jumped off the page but I’m not going to comment on all of them since my goal isn’t writing a 200 pages novel.

However a few of her answers in this “interview” (where she clearly played the role of the interrogator as well) cannot go unnoticed. Her answer to the question: where are you right now? Is “on my bed”, the following question is: where would you rather be? Her answer is “hell”. That is understandable since her bed brings out SO many hurtful memories (if you know what I mean). Her favorite movie is “planet of the apes” which is also reasonable since she did NOT follow the evolution and might have missed something somewhere. Her dream job is to be a princess. No further comments, I rest my case.

You can say that Myriam Klink is just a lost sheep in this herd of so called artists, and question why she got that much attention. There is a simple answer to that; her lack of grace and her abusive language made her the star she is today. No “celebrity” should be allowed to talk to the common people that way, to insult personally some of her tweeps or Facebook likers. This is a true outrage. She stated numerously and so bluntly that men are cheating pigs, however in her bio she admitted that she has cheated while in a relationship. She should just shut her mouth, and stop infuriating the people.

To put it in a nutshell, some persons are still alive because it is illegal to shoot them.